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Reason for the Caution. standards for the color of warning, caution, advisory, and other message lights that are installed as annunciation displays in the flightdeck. Example of a warning notice. Tall, heavy aircraft make it hard to see people on the ground when maneuvering in the hangar or maintenance area.

All red CAS messages are grouped together at the top of the CAS display window. Warning —To warn readers about the possibility of minor injury to themselves or others. Graphic Caution Warning. These warnings include those for DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION. In the cockpit, safety and early detection of possible problems are crucial. Notes, Cautions, Warnings, Precautions and Limitations play a significant role in successful procedure and work instruction execution. extreme caution when performing this task.

Warning Traffic Sign. Heads Up offers Caution Warning Systems (CWS) and Aural Warning Systems (AWS) to fit specific OEM or system integrator requirements. Note 1 During rotor brake operations there will be no NP1 or NP2 until rotor brake is released. These may be sounds the aircraft engine or airframe produces, or artificially generated sounds presented as pilot alerts. Red text for warnings indicating a condition that may result in injury or loss of life Amber text for cautions indicating a condition that result in damage to or loss of equipment Blue text for advisories indicating a condition degraded from normal operational specifications. Aircraft aural warning systems work in conjunction with illuminated annunciator systems. ” A Caution is a more serious prompt.

WARNINGs and CAUTIONs immediately precede the step or procedure to which they apply. 3 warnings, caution and notes. Mention aircraft communications, and you typically think of the voice radio messages between pilots and the ground, and with other aircraft. Caution 1 If start is attempted with ENGINE IGNITION switch OFF, do not place switch to ON. Don&39;t use it on airplanes. WARNINGs and CAUTIONs are used in this manual to highlight operating or maintenance procedures, practices, condi-tions, or statements which are considered essential to protection of personnel (WARNING) or equipment (CAUTION). These high quality airport signs provide increased safety and security and give a professional, organized appearance to your whole operation ramp, taxiways, runway threshold, even the drive to the airport! Use these to alert readers of possible damage to equipment or problems with the procedure.

Aircraft Maintenance Safety. TMCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1-1. Our company began by offering innovative cockpit solutions, and it is an area in which we continue to excel. WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, AND NOTES. The consequences of ignoring the Caution. Congratulation on purchasing the Intercom Gear Warning Device for your aircraft With the use of headphone in the cockpit to reduce the cabin noise level along with increasing radio communications, the chance of not hearing the landing gear warning horn is becoming more of a prospect.

They apply to the RC-12P and RC-12Q aircraft. In this episode I will be explaining the master-caution system on a Boeing 737 and which pilot. In this case, use a Warning sign. If experiencing any abnormal note caution warning aircraft manuals flying qualities, unload the aircraft and accelerate to the last tested safe airspeed.

Caution vs Warning Paying attention to the difference between caution and warning is a useful task as caution and warning are terms that are frequently used not just in the legal community, but also in ordinary parlance. Do not use if there is a chance of death or serious injury or illness. – Choose your words to be specific, leaving nothing to uncertainty. WARNINGs and CAUTIONs are used in this manual to highlight oper-ating or maintenance procedures, practices, conditions, or statements which are considered essential to protection of personnel (WARNING) or equipment (CAUTION). Note —To emphasize points or remind readers of something, or to indicate minor problems in the outcome of what they are doing.

2 WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, AND NOTES. – Write to the intended audience, for example a machine operator or a maintenance technician. Warnings, cautions, and notes are used to emphasize important and critical instructions. Safety warning messages in owner’s manuals act as the visible and text based warning to users to avoid potential harm or injury.

When it comes to the latest in aircraft warning systems, Big Brother is most certainly watching. Sign Caution Warning. Use the first letter of the text of the warning (not note caution warning aircraft manuals the label "Warning:") as the left margin.

Overlooked are the increasingly plentiful aural communications between an aircraft’s warning systems and the pilot flying the aircraft. Amber (Caution) Messages Amber indicates a note caution warning aircraft manuals caution (abnormal or special. Red CAS messages are dis-played until the situation is corrected. MASTER WARNING light acknowledges the message, turns off the MASTER WARNING lights, and changes the CAS message to a steady ON state. Many of us are vaguely familiar with the meaning of each term although when asked to identi. Warning If inadvertent rotor blade movement should occur due to rotor brake slippage, immediately shut down engine(s) or release rotor brake. Good training and work practices ensure aircraft and worker safety.

An inherent characteristic of the airplane or a device that will give clearly distinguishable indications of malfunction or misleading information may provide this caution. Caution: A clear and unambiguous indication to the flight crew or pilot of a failure that requires subsequent crew action. Annunciator and Aural Warning. Current existing standards and general design principles give recommendations to safety warning message design, but they do not discuss the implications of.

• Warning: "may be used to represent a hazard level between "Caution" and "Danger," instead of the required "Caution" tag, provided that they have a signal word of "Warning," an appropriate major message, and otherwise meet the general tag criteria of paragraph (f)(4) of this section. GENERAL These instructions are for use by the operator (s). Right from the beginning, it was recognized that warning note caution warning aircraft manuals systems have to alert the pilots during flight when they are doing something, or simply not doing anything at all, or have dozed off. The aircraft speed must never be decreased to the point at which full control deflection is required. 1 format & guidance for the use of this manual 5. cc11-160 maintenance manual manual number ssc10000amm 0 date: page: vii table of contents 1 scope 2 reference documents 3 terminology 4 significance & use 5 aircraft maintenance manual 5.

Like Warnings, Cautions comprise three distinct sections: The action required to avoid the damage. The AH502 Central Warning Panel is an intelligent Aircraft Annunciator, Warning and Caution system for the experimental and light sport aircraft market. An impending control problem may be indicated by excessive rolling, yawing, or pitching. 2 layout of the manual 5. “The component is an electro-static sensitive device”. This is my first video in my series about failure management. Indicates a critical procedure for the safe and proper installation and operation of the battery.

A Caution points at a POSSIBLE development that may or may not end up in system failure, business problem, or physical damage. Aircraft maintenance work includes inspection and repair of aircraft structures, coatings, and systems in hangars and on the air field. 25-38, 41 FR 44567, December. For anyone tempted to light up in the privacy of the aircraft lav, be forewarned that it too is hooked into CAS on the 777. When to Use "Caution" Use Caution signs for information on Overhead / Clearance hazards, wet floors, certain PPE requirements and RF hazards. NOTE CAUTION WARNING General Safety Information DO NOT puncture,drop,crush,burn,penetrate,shake,or strike the. Warning – Electrocution may result from coming in contact with energized bus bar components while performing work in 4Kv Breaker Cabinet 1BKR4312. The Federal Aviation Administration has a clear message for owners of Samsung&39;s recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone: Your device is a safety hazard.

Warning - pilot tends to pull right rear to correct attitude and can exceed max angle of 12 degrees and cause mast bumping - must be slow and small to correct mast bumping Warning - Failure to maintain 60 knots can cause uncontrollable and unrecoverable spin to the right. Align the warning notice with the text it refers to (see Figure 6-2 where a note occurs within a bulleted list). In conclusion. WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, AND NOTES. WARNINGs and CAUTIONs immediately pre-cede the step or procedure to which they apply. aircraft, the RV-12 FTS, and this manual prior to flight. A construction site sign that notifies of a hard hard hat requirement is best ordered as a Warning Sign.

“Touching the component pins will cause irreparable damage to the component. “Do not touch the component pins”. FAA Statement on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, the Federal Aviation Administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage. The regulation became effective FebruaryAmendment No.

The words “WARNING”, “CAUTION”, and “NOTE” are used throughout the manual with the following definitions:. NOTE: This device is not approved for certified aircraft. It addresses visual alerting cues only in the form of colored lights installed in the flightdeck. definition of warning, caution and note The safety notices associated with the following symbols should be given special attention when they appear in maintenance, operating and emergency procedures.

To write a warning or caution: – Start with a simple, clear command. You can prevent that by adding a note like the following: “NOTE: Make sure the system is turned on and running for at least 7 minutes before you slide Lever R4 from right to left. Caution —To warn readers about possible damage to equipment or data or about potential problems in the outcome of what they. Fire Hose Inject.

Master caution lights use to draw the attention of the crew to a critical situation. Indicates a procedure or function that is important to the safe and proper operation of the battery. Centralized warning systems have developed to annunciate critical messages concerning a multitude of systems and components in a simplified, organized manner. Activation of a smoke detector will generate an EICAS advisory message to the crew. Sign Caution Peanuts.

Note caution warning aircraft manuals

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