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. • An advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure low levels of carbon monoxide (CO) providing an early warning of toxic CO levels in your home. 19 Inc VAT) SONA FS1524W2-T By Fire Angel Battery Powered Alarm Control Unit With 10 Year Lithium Battery Back-Up. This sleek product sniffs out carbon monoxide from all corners of your home, and it speaks like a human being. Smoke alarms cannot detect carbon monoxide gas.

• Detects carbon monoxide continuously. FireAngel Safety Technology Limited Phone:E-Mail: com FireAngel Safety Technology Limited r egistered in England and Wales with Registered No. When one alarm detects smoke / heat / carbon monoxide, the wireless module inside sends a wireless signal to all the connected alarms, ensuring almost instantaneous reaction across the network.

What is smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm? ” “BE AWARE, THERE’S SMOKE IN THE (ROOM NAME). Wireless interlink technology allows you to connect up to 50 units within the same system, so when one is triggered they all sound, and you can centrally test the system to check it is operating correctly. Alarms do not guarantee safety Alarms must be tested. Our W2-CO-10X, Wi-Safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm is a 10 year battery powered, sealed-for-life, wireless interlink CO alarm providing complete protection from CO poisoning in the home. • DO NOT run this product inside homes, garages, basements, crawlspaces, sheds, or other partially-enclosed spaces even if using fans or opening doors and windows for ventilation. The SONA WSM-SN-1 is a 230V mains powered smoke detector, with tamper-proof sealed for life battery back-up and both wireless and hard-wired interlinking capabilities.

· How to install your SONA Heat and Smoke Alarms For more information visit us at com - Product Information - SONA Smoke Alarm · How to wirelessly link your Wi-Safe2 SONA products For more information visit us at com - Product Information - SONA Smoke Alarm http:/. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to silence Nest Protect if smoke is above levels specified by law. If you are installing this smoke alarm for use by others, you must leave this manual (or a copy of it) with the end user. KEY FEATURES • Uses Wi-Safe 2 technology to provide warning of ® fire or Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Wi-Safe 2 products ® can be interlinked to create a network, meaning This Low Frequency Sounder, when interlinked with if smoke or CO triggers any alarm in the network,. FireAngel products are used by 92% of the UK Fire and Rescue services. Optical and thermal sensing provide fast reaction to both slow smoldering and fast flaming fires. Your Nest Protect does some work behind-the-scenes like automatically running a Self Test to check its batteries and sensors or running a Sound Check (2nd gen) to check its speakers, buzzer and light ring. Ultra slim, integrated base plate.

W2-CO-10X Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm Our W2-CO-10X, Wi-Safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm is a 10 year battery powered, sealed-for-life, wireless interlink CO alarm providing complete protection from CO poisoning in the home. The First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm is easy to sona wi safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm manual set up. Electric appliances are not carbon monoxide sources. The First Alert SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single detector. Wi-Safe 2 products. Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hire a qualified electrician to install your carbon monoxide detector(s).

Sona Mains Powered Smoke Alarm With Optional Wireless Link 10 year, sealed for life battery sona wi safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm manual with Wi-Safe 2 intelligent communication as standard. carbon monoxide alarms with battery back-up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The FireAngel FS2126-T (WST-630T) wireless linked optical smoke alarm is a premium product providing warning of fire via a network of smoke alarms. Our WST-630 Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek smoke alarm can be used in conjunction with the Wi-Safe 2 range of products, including heat alarms, carbon. SONA’s Class A1 heat alarm features the Thermistek sensing technology, which monitors the rate of temperature increase and alerts occupants to the danger of fire quicker.

Mains and battery powered alarms on a single network. The First Alert CO400 Carbon Monoxide Alarm utilizes an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that lasts for up to five years to detect carbon monoxide. The FireAngel/Sona SM-SN-1 mains powered smoke alarm combines aesthetic design with proven thermoptek detection to provide the ideal solution to domestic smoke detection. Fire Protection Shop:The Fire Angel Wi-Safe 2 W2-Module Radio Module is ideal for building your network of connected home safety devices by adding the wi-safe 2 wireless module to compatible alarms such as ST-630-R, HT-630-R or NM-CO-10X-. During an alarm, simply press the large button on the front of the Nest Protect that sensed the smoke or carbon monoxide (CO).

The CO smoke alarm is battery operated, allowing you to easily install it. SONA WCOB-SN-1 By Fire Angel 10 Year Lithium Battery Powered Wi-Safe 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm has a 10 year sealed for life battery. Wirelessly interconnect up to 50 other Wi-Safe 2 devices within 35m. 9kg C02e per alarm. Under typical usage conditions, it uses approximately 10% less sona wi safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm manual power than the average AC fire alarm, making it the only smoke detector currently on the market with a proven. Only the alarms in the network that have not sensed smoke can be remotely silenced. What is a Wireless smoke alarm? Examples of some carbon monoxide sources are garages, heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, appliances or cooking sources using coal, wood, oil, kerosene, or other fuels.

IMPORTANT: This user manual contains important information regarding the operation of your FireAngel smoke alarm. This is an industry rule that all alarms follow. Our most advanced carbon monoxide (CO) alarm to date. The Wi-Safe ¬ 2 option removes the need for time-consuming channelling and trunking, allowing wireless interlinking of up to 50 alarms in a single network within seconds. The smart silence feature of each alarm also means that you can easily identify the alarm that has sensed smoke and silence it, if it is a false alarm. Wireless Interlink Wi-Safe 2 enabled device Wi-Safe 2 Test, Silence, Locate Unit. When a connected wi-safe 2 smoke and heat alarm system has been activated, the strobe will automatically illuminate providing visual indication and will also vibrate the pad to wake the.

Incorperating signature smoke sensing technology provides a fast reaction to either slow smouldering or fast flaming fires and is used by 92% of UK Fire and Rescue Services. Simply insert the battery, and the CO detector will start to monitor your space for carbon monoxide. A range of modern and sleek designed Thermoptek and ionisation, battery and mains powered, smoke alarms for residential use. The alarm will stay silent for 2 minutes.

Ensure you read this user manual fully before installing and operating the alarm. The Wi-Safe 2™ system can also be used where a series of smoke. How do you set up a Carbon Monoxide alarm? Simple to instal and interlink without the need for wiring, the WST-630 battery smoke alarm is designed to wake the household and provide precious time to escape. Carbon monoxide can.

This alarm is battery operated, allowing you to easily install it anywhere. Whether the devices are battery-operated, plug-in, or hardwired (these last two should have battery backup in case of a power outage), Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) certification is a must. The carbon monoxide in the room has now reached emergency levels. THERE’S CARBON MONOXIDE IN THE (ROOM NAME).

Proven carbon footprint of =13. Types of Heads-Up alerts and Emergency Alarms you can silence >. SONA WCOB-SN-1 By Fire Angel 10 Year Lithium Battery Powered Wi-Safe 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm £ 30. The Fire Angel Wi-Safe 2 W2-SVP-630 Strobe & Vibrating Pad is ideal for providing an alternative warning method for the deaf and those of hard of hearing. Wi-Safe 2 Technology 8 Sensing Technologies Comparison 9 Hallway, Landing, Living Room & Bedroom Solutions 10-11 Section Overview 12-13 SONA Wireless Mains Smoke Alarm 14-15 SONA Mains Smoke Alarm 16-17 BRK Mains Smoke Alarm 18-19 FireAngel Wireless Battery Smoke Alarm 20-21 FireAngel Battery Smoke Alarm 22-23.

Emergency notifications alert you to danger via your phone, while voice and location technology tell you the type and area of danger; the alarm also uses a traditional 85-decibel siren. Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek Smoke Alarm WST-630 The WST-630 Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek smoke alarm from FireAngel provides quick detection of both fast-flaming and slow-smouldering fires. Centralised button - test / Smart sona wi safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm manual Silence / locate. Page 1WTSL-SN-1 Alarm Control Unit with Wi-Safe 2 ® Installation and User Guide "sona control unit install" For use with Wi-Safe 2 Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Secondary back-up buzzer.

” “BE AWARE, THERE’S CARBON MONOXIDE IN THE (ROOM NAME). "The First Alert Onelink 2-in-1 smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm alerts you to both types of danger in your home. • ® Wi-Safe 2 technology, enabling wireless interlinking between other Wi-Safe 2 alarms. The First Alert SCO5CN combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single detector. THE ALARM MAY SOUND. Ultra slim mounting plate with hinge function locks alarm securely into place.

· Nest Protect’s 2-in-1 solution doubles as a smoke detector and is a welcome upgrade from the first-generation Nest Protect Alarm. . occur if carbon monoxide levelsstayat 70 ppmfor 1 to 4 hours. The smoke in the room has reached emergency levels. Can interlink with up to 30 other Fireangel mains powered wireless interlink smoke and heat alarms. Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek Smoke Alarm WST-630 10 year sealed for life battery Wi-Safe 2 - Wirelessly interlink multiple alarms, one alarm goes off they all go off Thermoptek optical smoke sensor Locate feature - silence all but initiating alarm in network Certified to EN14604:. Mixed system compatibility; Wi-Safe 2 and hardwired alarms on a single network. This carbon monoxide detector is battery operated, making it portable and easy to use, even in the event of a power outage.

Page 2PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE IN FULL BEFORE USING YOUR WTSL-SN-1 ALARM CONTROL UNIT! The W2-CO-10X sends a wireless signal to all other Wi-Safe 2 products when it detects CO. SONA produces 71% less carbon dioxide than other mains powered alarms An innovative new range of home safety products is set to transform fire and carbon monoxide protection. By clicking the &39;Get a Free Quote&39; button below, I agree that an ADT specialist may contact me via text messages or phone calls to the phone number provided by me using automated technology about ADT offers and consent is not required to make a purchase. Carbon monoxide alarms warn of the gas before it reaches dangerous levels.

Sona wi safe 2 carbon monoxide alarm manual

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